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 Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 4

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PostSubject: Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 4   Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:19 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook


Chapter 4: Fighting Guide~A quick "how-to"~


It's Time to Duel!

At Gakuen Mugendai, fights are pretty common; whether it's a sparring match, a training session, a tournament or a fight for power, you are able to use abilities, a weapon and your techniques! Of course, the rules that you saw in chapter 1 (no god-moding etc.) are important too!
Fights have the same format as regular RPing, and there is no special way to RP a fight here.
Here's an example:

Cecilla: Remilla was forced to tidy her hair after the wave of reiatsu messed it up. She didn't expect Kraatz-Sama to offer her his arm to her, but nonetheless took the chance- she needed blood and quick.
"Remilla... Kraatz-Sama looks like he's plotting something.. better watch yourself.. I just remembered this is MY body too.." Cecilla's voice started to shake. She realised the fight was about to turn serious- from light sparring between her and Kraatz-Sama, to an all-out torture-fest between Remilla and Kraatz-Sama. Of course, there was no way they would seriously injure one another, it's just a game of who loses their will to fight first. Cecilla decided not to distract Remilla further, and to instead sit back and enjoy, after all, what else was there for her to do?
"Hehehe.. even if he is plotting something, it will just make this fight more exciting! He did say if I try anything, I won't hear or feel the end of it! Haah.. In which case.. maybe I'll take a lil more that just his blood, hows about some reiatsu too~?" Remilla tried to keep her composure on the outside, because her plan would be ruined if Kraatz-Sama were to see through her this early on.
"Aww.. don't worry Kraatz-Sama, I'll only take a few lil sips, then we can really begin our fight, okies?", Remilla said with her fans still held behind her back, and an innocent but weak smile on her face she continued to approach Kraatz-Sama. She was feeling weaker and weaker, but she just couldn't resist the cocky overconfident smile on Kraatz-Sama's face. As she stood in front of him, she could see as he looked down at her he was indicating she should go for his arm. But he should have known better than to think she would just take blood from him..

Remilla suddenly grabbed Kraatz-Sama's hands;
"Quick, quick, slow! Quick, quick, slow!" She led Kraatz-Sama into spins and twists as she could feel his grip loosening slightly.
"You're terrible! Loosen those hips! What is wrong with you tonight? You're so disappointing!!"
Through throwing her insults at him, she was hoping her 'Remilla de Mambo' was beginning to take effect so she could move in to take his blood and reiatsu. It was just a shame that Kraatz-Sama's performance was lacking this evening.. Maybe he was plotting something.. maybe he saw through her? No.. she had him right where she wanted him..

Kraatz: As they began dancing across the room, Kraatz felt his muscles relax and his mind go clear. His cocky smirk was soon replaced by a very blank expression.
"How odd, i've witnessed this move before, but this is the first time i've felt it first hand... There's no pain... Such a pity, being a Fraccion to the Espada of Rapture, and yet causing no pain...we'll have to work on that. If I were in her position, i would be incredibly bored..."
Kraatz let his mind wander for the extent of the dance. It felt as if he was in some kind of vegitative state.
It was peaceful nonetheless... Incredibly peaceful. The kind of peaceful Kraatz feels as he sits in his reading room every now and again in the evenings .
"This is rather worrying, she's dragging this out for far too long. Whats she up to? Why is she delaying? How much will it hurt?"
He silently scolded himself at the last question. He didn't care how much it would hurt! He enjoys his own pain as much as he enjoys the pain of others! He hasn't felt his own pain since he had his tattoo applied to his left forearm. He was almost looking forward to the climax of her plan. That is, if she was planning pain.

Cecilla: In one last twirl, Remilla let go of Kraatz-Sama's hands, sending him flying, she heard a loud crunch as Kraatz-Sama hit one of the walls. She then used sonido to appear in front of him, and swiftly stabbed her fans through his shoulders to keep him nicely in place.
"Fufufu.. so, how does it feel, Kraatz-Sama?" She grinned, looking up at him as he hung on the wall like a beautiful painting. She licked up the blood from around his shoulders;
"We can't let this blood get onto you clothes now, can we? The blood belongs in my mouth, not there.. oh, and don't worry, I won't take too much, just enough to fill me up", when she had finished licking up the blood, she lifted his hanging head to the side so she could get to his neck.
"Here.." she stabbed into his neck with one of her claws and opened up a small wound, "..and here!" she stabbed again next to the first wound, making another. She then began to suck as much blood and reiatsu out of him as she could before he was able to move again. The blood and reiatsu rushed through her, she loved the feeling of draining and enemy of their energy and throwing them around, hearing them wail in pain. In that respect, she was just like her master, the Espada of Rapture, and she loved it.
When she was satisfied with the amount taken, she ripped the fans from Kraatz-Sama's shoulders, gave him a tiny kiss, and threw him into the ground. She then raised her foot slightly, slamming down on Kraatz-Sama's head the claws on it enclosed around the top of his skull, gripping slowly and digging her claws in.
"Ha! How do you like it, Kraatz-Sama?! Isn't it stimulating?!?! I have plenty of other punishments to give you!!" She lifted her foot, her claws still digging into Kraatz-Sama's head, then kicked her foot up, once again throwing him into the air. As she was waiting for him to fall back down, she connected the chains on her fans together. When Kraatz-Sama landed, Remilla knelt down, putting the chain behind his neck but she could see his fingers twitching; the 'magic' was almost over.. she was having so much fun too. She hoped she wouldn't be too mad by the time he woke up, though if he was anything like her, he would be enjoying every second. It seemed that Remilla and Kraatz-Sama had.. 'interesting' ways of showing their love.

Kraatz: Kraatz felt that his muscles were functioning again. He could easily escape from the torment but felt that he shouldn't. It would be so much more fun if he let Remilla have at least a dash of hope. Just so Kraatz could crush her will.
Kraatz was soon thrown into the air and as he landed, Remilla knelt down to strangle him with the chains of her weapons.
"Game Time!"
With this, Kraatz began laughing in his own maniacal fashion. After a few seconds, he said,
"That was a pretty nasty bite mark you left on my neck there... But as i'm sure you've noticed... I HAVE MUCH BIGGER TEETH!"
Kraatz then threw his head back and opened the Mask fragment Jaw, and closed it hard around her left shoulder. Blood splurted out wildly and Kraatz swallowed it through the hollow hole behind the jaw. With a smile, he opened the Jaw again and immediately fired a point blank cero, which sent her flying across the room.
As she flew, her blood and Kraatz' red cero energy was following and falling to make an arc in the air. Like a pure red rainbow.

She landed with a heavy thud on the ground, and Kraatz was already mounting an attack. With a high leap into the air, he grapped his sword and held it above his head as he began somersaulting towards Remilla's seemilngly lifeless body.
"Soon! Soon the two of you can have a half each!"

There is a system to determine a character's power in a fight; it's called the Ranking system. Of course, the god-moding rule comes very importantly into play with this system, as it is up to students/teachers to battle it out fairly. Moderators will make sure fights are being carried out fairly, and will step in if they feel anyone is fighting unfairly. There is a separate chapter explaining the ranking system in detail, but here's a brief overview;
No-Star: 0-500 points.
Single-Star: 500-1500 points.
Double-Star: 1500-3000 points.
Triple-Star: 3000-5000 points.
Elite: 5000+ points.

The more points a student/teacher has, the more powerful they are in battle! You can see how many points you have by looking on your profile, or on your mini-profile next to your posts. You will see your post count, and underneath it will be your points. Each student also has 3 stat bars; HP (health points), Strength and Magic. Every student's stats depend on:
-Their species (for example: and oni and phantom are fighting- their points/rank are identical. The oni,who would mainly use physical attacks would have double the strength of a phantom, who would mainly use magic attacks, therefore the phantom will have double the magic power of the oni. Simple, right?)
-Their rank/points (more points/higher rank= more powerful)

Your ranking also affects the amount of techniques you may use, but that will be explained in a later chapter.
Remember: you can't start fighting until your techniques have been approved!

Special treat for Cecilla/Kraatz: "red gummy bears"!
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Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 4
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