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 Keita, Inuzari Application

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PostSubject: Keita, Inuzari Application   Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:27 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Student Application


Give me the power to cross the infinity border...


The Voice
~The title lies in... you.~

First Name: Inuzari
Middle Name(s):
Last Name: Keita
Nickname(s): Kei-Chan/Zari
Title(s): Master
Age: Looks: 16 {Actual Age: 1050}
Gender: Male
Species: Hybrid {Human/Vampire}
Element: Ice.
Homeland: Glacian Realm


The Power
~My gift, ever shining, ever beautiful~

Gift: Cyrokinetic
Explanation... and limitation: Cyrokinetic is the art of controlling the moisture around the being, and turning it to ice. Which can be used for battling another, or to impress, by visualizing an image in one's head, and morphing the ice to it's shape.


The Fight
~My tool... a part of myself, it gleams bewitchingly~

Explanation... and limitation: Scythe's made in Glacia are very strong weapons, only in cold temperatures, if the weather is increasing, the scythe becomes useless. They look like your average scythes in it's design, but with an extendable pole, allows for the large weapon to be carried around. Which weakens it's power.


The Mirror
~What do you see? Snow or sun?~

Physical Appearance: Like the image posted above, he looks around 16. sitting at a height of 5 foot and 6 inches. His stature may be small, but it allows for his speed. He wear's a small bracelet around his right wrist, with a jewel inside to allow him to walk during the day, his right canine tooth seems to overhang. Irises are a crimson red, with black slits.


The Shadow
~Can you connect to me?~

Personality: Cocky, and violent, much like his vampiristic traits. Also comes across cold-hearted, which comes from his home realm. A proud warrior. Will definetly act shy around those who he admires. He seems to look down on weaker people, if biting, he'll usually go for the 'cute' females.


The Song
~A wandering heart and the night of the morning moon~

Hobbies and interests: Enjoys playing guitar. Usually travels with his skateboard. Among other 'hobbies' that take place during the night time.
Likes: Female blood, isn't fussed by specie, salted snacks
Dislikes: Being looked down upon. Garlic. Male blood


The Dream
~Even in the midst of flowing time, opression spins round and round~

Dreams/Wishes: Make friends. Visit different realms and lands
Goals in life (or death): Learn about the human nature/ Become a better person


The Lock
~The geneology of memories, until the very end of history~

Family members: Parents, Elder Sister, Grand-parents
Others: 3rd Victim - Had A Crush On
History: Coming from a family of Vampiric hybrids in the Glacian Realm, he has come quite well, to survive in cold temperatures. He was born 1050 human years ago. Some human females seem to like the look of him, which he uses as his advantage. The family look their 'human age', however he doesn't he lacks a few inches, and is usually called the baby. His mother cares for him, like any other mother, love is a punishment, abuse is a sign of good. He has attempted to go to Human schools on planet earth, but they seemed to realize he was different. His fangs developed when he was around 11 in human years. His right fang seems to over hang a little, which is unusual in the family. His eyes are a bright red, looking like lights in the darkness. His first victim, was his teacher at his human school. He had then openly admitted it, showing his cocky attitude, the family had decided to pull him back, and have since chosen to send him to Gakuen Mugendai.


The Sweet
~The brutal butterfly and the suffering vampire~

Who did you give the treats to?: Rowann
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Keita, Inuzari Application
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