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 Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 1   Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:45 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Student


Chapter 1: Rulebook


General Academy Rules

1: Keep things PG-13
(a.k.a nothing overly
sexual, gory or violent and no strong language)
Extremely violent content: The academy isn’t too strict about this, as there will be plenty of battles here, and we want them to be descriptive, of course. However, if a member isn’t too fond of gore, heavy violence etc. Please respect their wishes and don’t tear their insides out part by part. We don’t want unnecessary gore, or violence; keeps things relevant and contextual. Let’s be sensible, students. If you feel your topic/post has mature violence/gore, then put [MATURE] or [M] in bold in the title.

Strong language: This should be avoided at all times, but may be used when in character (and ONLY when in character) so long as it is contextual and relevant to the situation and it fits your character and will help people to understand them better as an individual character. Very minor language is acceptable out of character, but only very minor language.

Sexual content: No sexual content will be tolerated whatsoever. Light romance (hand-holding, hugging, kissing) is absolutely fine, because it can add to a character’s personality/relationship with another character. Anything other than this will NOT be tolerated, for example, extreme cybering,
underdressing, pregnancies or rape. Keep these things to PMs or outside of MugendaiGaku, please. We don’t want anything inappropriate in signatures, or profile pictures... or any pictures on the site for that matter (pictures involving nudity, mature sexual content etc.). You’ll be dealing with the student council disciplinary committee if anything like the above happens involving you.

2. Relevance
When RPing, keep to the topic, don’t spam, follow the Academy’s story (e.g. Students can’t leave the academy, so don’t make a topic where your character is not within academy boundries). This is a pretty simple rule, just keep in contextual. Posts/topics that go off-topic will be deleted or the author will be asked to edit it so it is on topic. The place to put off topic/out of character topics is in the chatting section of the OOC area, NOWHERE ELSE, posts will be moved.

3.Be literate
(a.k.a use proper English)
Don’t speak illiterately. Text language is prohibited during rps and in OOC chat. However, things like “lol”, “rofl”, “lmao” are acceptable in OOC chat only. Use proper grammar, speech marks are most important. We’re sorry but this is an English speaking forum only. However, if a character is from another
country (in an rp situation), for example, Germany, the character may say the odd word or expression in German (gutentag, sehr gut), but not to the point that others will not understand. For convenience, put the English translation in brackets afterwards- “guten morgen! (good morning!).

4. The court of
If something were to happen involving a dispute between a moderator and a member (e.g. the student council member has noticed the student going off topic in an rp and moves/deletes the post, but the member insists that they were within topic parameters.), and the student council head cannot solve the dispute in a simple way, the case will be taken to the court of Mugendai by the student council head. More information will be in the area “the court of Mugendai”.

5. Image Sizes

Very simple- when putting an image in a post/signature that you think may stretch the page, put the image in a spoiler box. You can do this with these tags:
[spoiler]image url goes here[/spoiler]
. Of course, you must replace the “image url goes here” with the actual image url.

6. Hacking
Don’t do it. It is actually illegal in many countries and violates
internet safety laws. You can be fined for doing this or even be arrested. So one more time (in case you didn’t catch it) DON’T DO IT.

7. He did this, she did that.
Don’t say someone did something when they didn’t. If you report someone for something, before the student council disciplinary committee punishes the student reported, the forums will be checked/ proof will be required from the person reporting. If you lie about something, e.g. you wrongfully report someone for bullying you, and are found out, you will be
punished for 1. Wasting the student council disciplinary committee’s time and 2. Wrongfully accusing someone.

Don’t do it, but if you really can’t help yourself... then do it in
the OOC chat area.

9. Don’t make multiple
Just don’t. We can see IP addresses so we will know if someone has multiple accounts. If a situation arises where a computer/IP address is shared, we will permit multiple accounts if we have solid proof the same person is not going to make multiple accounts.

10. Being active/inactive
If you are going to be away for a long period of time, please make sure you first state you will be doing so in the “Student Holidays” part of the “Academy office” area. If an account has been inactive for over 3 months and no topic has been made stating that student will be inactive, the student council
members will discuss whether we should delete the account or not.


RPing Rules

It’s prohibited.
To elaborate; Most RPers will be familiar with this term. They will also be familiar with the fact it is widely not accepted! Gakuen Mugendai is no different from most rp sites in this aspect. For those who aren’t familiar with godmoding, here’s the definition from
(not the most reliable of sources, but alas, it is only a short definition.); "Godmoding is a term used in role-playing
games to describe two behaviours of players. The term comes from the "god mode" found in many video games, allowing a player to activate features such as invincibility, unlimited ammunition or lives, or similar power boosts. Godmoding is almost always frowned upon by other members of the game, because it is regarded as a form of cheating against the game's tactic rules."
If you’re still unsure about godmoding, follow the Wikipedia link and read the whole article, or...
"Godmoding means you are not allowed to(even momentarily) take control of another person’s character. e.g. "Fred sliced bob's arm off and laughed." This is unfair on the person controlling Bob, who has no chance to dodge or counter. The previous sentence should be changed to... : "Fred swung his sword with intend of slicing Bob's arm off." It's then over to
the person controlling Bob to decide whether he'll take the hit or not. Don't get angry if they dodge one attack, they'll take a hit at some point (read the next part).

If a student is more powerful than you (higher stats, higher rank, more experienced etc.) then, obviously they would be harder to defeat. So don’t make yourself so unbelievably powerful that you would be able to defeat them. For example, let’s say the Student council head is fighting a relatively new student who hasn’t had much of a chance to develop their powers; there is no way this new student will defeat the student council head unless the student council head has 4 broken limbs and is in the middle of having a heart attack or
something. So simply put, a weaker, less experienced student has no chance of defeating a stronger, more experienced student. It’s also boring to watch two students fight and no-one lands a hit, so be realistic with the fight, for the
good of the rp. Try to imaging you are watching the fight unfold with your own eyes. There may be more chance of a move hitting depending on where the attack is coming from(The character's don't have eyes in the back of their heads), how close their opponent is, or how injured or tired your character is.
(Small disclaimer: Information from Wikipedia doesn’t belong to
Gakuen Mugendai, nor is Gakuen Mugendai claiming ownership of it. It’s just
here to give students an idea of what godmoding is... though Wikipedia information
isn’t always particularly accurate.)

2. No Metagaming
Metagaming is also prohibited.
Basically, don’t use out of character knowledge in an in character situation- don’t go against your character’s knowledge limits, personality, history.
To see a more in-depth definition, follow the link;
(Small disclaimer: Information from Wikipedia doesn’t belong to
Gakuen Mugendai, nor is Gakuen Mugendai claiming ownership of it. It’s just here to give students an idea of what metagaming is... though Wikipedia information isn’t always particularly accurate.)
This can be a tricky rule to follow, even experienced rpers have hiccups sometimes, but if you notice something seems wobbly with information in a post/topic, just politely pm the author of the post/topic and suggest they put it right. Student council members check all posts anyway.

3. Follow the basics
Make sure you read the fighting guide chapter, and the rping basic chapter so you don’t rp incorrectly. We want to keep rping fluent.


Character Rules

1. Keep it original!
This is an rp involving original characters only! However, the
species in this rp are species that can be found in different anime, manga and games. For example; Shinigami and Arrancar from Bleach, Oni from Touhou etc. (Small disclaimer: all characters are copyright to their rightful owners, this is merely a fan site, we’re not out to copy or steal things with bad
We don’t want Ichigo Kurosaki, or Marisa Kirisame popping up as students, because those characters belong to their rightful creators/owners. Student techniques, and weapons should be as original as possible, but may be very loosely based on anothers’. No direct copying, and keep things interesting. Seeing the same type of character over and over again gets

2. Species criteria,
creation rules
There are certain criteria for certain species; e.g. Shinigami don’t use guns (which should be common sense...) When making your character, follow the species criteria and always make your character according to our wonderful bio template which can be found in the application desks!


1. Bullying whilst in
Bullying whilst in character is not prohibited, providing it is
contextual to the characters’ personalities and relationship. This must only be a part of the in character relationship and if it starts to get out of hand, student council members will get involved. If a fellow student becomes upset/ dislikes the in character bullying, they may politely ask you to stop in a PM or OOC message. We recommend in character bullying only happens if it is agreed out of character beforehand between the potential in character bully and victim.

2.Bullying whilst out
of character

It’s not tolerated and can lead to serious punishment. Just don’t do it. Student council members take bullying very seriously and punishments won't be merciful.

3.Treatment of student
council members
Student council members should be treated with the utmost respect (well, all members of the site should) as they are the admins and mods of the forum. Be patient with us, as we have lives outside this forum (seriously...). We will do our best to help and will do our best to deal with problems as soon as we
can. Some things take longer than others, but we will try our best to keep the site well maintained and regularly updated.


Posts, topics, etc. WILL be checked, you have been warned. See the disciplinary committee’s punishment enforcement chapter for possible punishments of rule breaking.


If there are any problems with the rules, or there is something you don’t understand, please PM one of the student council members. These rules may be updated or changed.


You may have noticed, ALL character application forms have a small part at the bottom which says; “Treats were sent to: ...”. This means that to prove you’ve read these rules, you must PM a student council member with “Chocolate cookie and cream ice cream”. There is a treat for the student council members in all the chapters of the student handbook, you have to find them all! When you’ve found them all, PM ONE (and only one) students council member with “A treat for you!” as the title, and the treats listed in the message. In your application,
put the name of the student council member you sent this to so we can check we received your PM. Until a student council member verifies that they received your PM, you can’t start RPing.


(Disclaimer: Gakuen Mugendai doesn’t own forumsmotion (the nice provider of our wonderful rp site~) nor is it claiming ownership over it. There’s no point in copying many of these rules because they’re only relevant to Gakuen Mugendai! Quite a few of the rules, however, are pretty generic to most rp
sites/forums. The rules above are all written so that everyone can have a fair, hopefully hassle-free and most importantly and enjoyable time rping here! Cecilla spent about 3 hours writing these rules, and credit is given to Kraatz for helping with rule ideas, thankies Kraatz<3 :3)
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Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 1
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