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 Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 3   Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:25 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook


Chapter 3: RPing Basics ~A quick "How-to"~


Let's RP!

To give you a quick taster of how we RP here (unless you've already read through a few of the RPs here), here's a short piece from an RP i was doing with Kraatz a while back;

Cecilla's post: Remilla looked down at her feet and licked the blood that trickled down from her forehead, tears ran down her face and exploded when they dripped onto the floor. Suddenly it wasn't Remilla crying, but it was Cecilla quietly sobbing, holding her tooth in her tiny hands,
"Y-you... you don't care at all, do you, Kraatz-Sama? Me and Remilla are both your fraccion, so why don't you teach us and help us to become stronger? Maybe spend some time with us? You know we look up to you.. you mean everything to us.. and we want to be like you.. Y'know..even though you haven't found joy within life.. maybe you can find it now? I'll help.. pinky promise.." Cecilla walked cautiously over to Kraatz-Sama holding out her pinky,
"A-and pinky promise I'll be a super helpful fraccion and always do as you say.. just please spend more time with me and Remilla and help us become stronger.. so we can be like you!!" Smiled Cecilla with tears still running down her face. She was terrified that Kraatz-Sama would tell her to just leave because she was just a weak 'little girl' but she carefully continued to take tiny steps towards him with her head still hanging towards the ground.
"Uh.. and if you don't mind me asking, Kraatz-Sama, why did you let us become your fraccion?" Cecilla shyly looked up at Kraatz-Sama, her cheeks were shiny from the tears.

Kraatz's post: Kraatz flinched slightly when he realised it was in fact Cecilla now, not Remilla. Kraatz put a hand on her shoulder.
"I appologize... It's hard work trying to encourage two seperate souls within the same body... The only way to get through to Remilla is to be harsh, and even a little cold. I don't want to be that way towards you... If you want me to care for you, i'll be sure to do just that. If you want me too."
His right eye began to water, he was about to cry. Tears of pain are fine, but Kraatz is far too proud to cry tears of happiness. He stopped the iminent waterworks by slamming a sharp-nailed finger into his right eye. Blood sprayed out onto Cecilla's face. Kraatz wiped it with his sleeve, leaving blood to openly pour out of his mangled excuse for an eye. Within seconds, there was a neat crimson line leading from his eye down his cheek, his neck, his shirt and his right trouser leg and dropping onto his foot.
"Sorry about that... It'll heal eventually! I can't show any sign of weakness if I'm an Espada, right?"
He then lowered himself to one knee to be at the same level. Then came an odd question...
"I chose you as my fraccion because I felt a whole lotta potential. Both you and Remilla will grow to be exeedingly powerful! Also... in you, I saw a loyal companion, one who would even step in between me and danger. Not that I'd allow that mind you... And in Remilla? Well... she's like me!"
A large reassuring grin appeared across Kraatz's face. He then thought of his next move. He chose to extend his arms out and embraced Cecilla in a hug. Knowing simply that it would be the best thing for her to become her old cheery self.

Cecilla's post: Cecilla watched in shock as blood ran down Kraatz-Sama's face. When he knelt down to face her, Cecilla quickly licked the blood from his face and neck in an attempt to make it feel a lil better.
"Uwaaaaaaaah! K-k-kraatz-Samaaaaaaaa!!!" Cecilla wailed and buried her head into Kraatz-Sama's robes.
"Y-you're the buh-bestest.. cuz you-you're a real nice g-guy.. even i-if you do wa-wanna torture p-people! An-and it's okies ta show a-a lil wuh-weakness now and again.. cu-cuz I don't mind.. I-i'll always give y-you a hug i-if you wa-want one.. a-and lick your wo-wounds better.. and sti-stick to you li-like buh-bubblegum!" Her voice was all shaky as she tried not to cry. She knew if she cried, there would be explosions everywhere and it would ruin the moment. Whilst they were still hugging, she managed to calm down and when she thought Kraatz-Sama wasn't looking, she hopped up and gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek before burying her head in his robes again. Kraatz-Sama was always very quiet and never seemed very emotional, he kept it all hidden away, but Cecilla wanted to open up even if it was just a teeny tiny bit.. so she made the most of this moment.

So, as you can see; we're all about lengthy, descriptive, and lengthy (and yes, we are Bleach fans! x3)! We understand some people may be used to using "*" to indicate actions, but please avoid it~ setting your post out like the pages of a story is much nicer! of course, you don't have to write as much as me and kraatz do, but we find RPing like this helps us to further develop our characters!


- always use speech marks (") e.g. "Kraatz!!" Cecilla called.
- put speech and thought in colour (try to use a unique colour) e.g. "How are you today??!!" She asked happily.
- your thought should be in italics e.g. "I hope he's ok!" thought Cecilla.


-use double brackets e.g. ((i have to go for dinner now, i'll be back soon!))

- speaking out of character DOES NOT affect the RP or the storyline in any way.
- it can be useful to just let people know if youre going for dinner, however, this is only appropriate if you're in the middle of an RP thats being frequently posted to, not an RP that gets posted to once a day or so.

Pretty simple, right?

And remember, NO godmoding or metagaming!

The treat for Kraatz/Cecilla is... "Banana Pocky"!
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Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 3
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