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 Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 2   Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:12 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook


Chapter 2 - A guide to Gakuen Mugendai~ A simple introduction and "How-to"~


What is Gakuen Mugendai? ~A short story~

Gakuen Mugendai, or Infinity Academy, is a secret academy situated on an unchartered island somewhere on Earth.The humans residing on Earth are unaware of the academy's existence, though some human organizations are suspicious of the island. To humans that happen to pass the island, it merely appears as a military base that has fallen into disrepair over the years, as there is a border around the island making it appear that way. On the other side of the border, however, is a paradise. Lush green grass, tall trees, beautiful buildings and intricately paved paths and roads cover the island. Within the island, there is the elementary division for students ages 7-12 (ages are in human appearance years), the junior division for students aged 13-15, the senior division for students aged 16-19, and the college for students aged 20+. Each division has it's own school building, dormitory building, sports facility and arena. There is also a small town on the island, and the special Student Council HQ.

The academy is mainly run by the elite student council, however there is a principal and vice principal of the academy. There are two student council leaders who are the two most elite students of the academy; Cecilla Oishii-Besessenheit and Kraatz Hattenveer.You may have already guessed, but Mugendai isn't a regular academy... it is actually a place where students from different worlds, planets, dimensions go to learn to live in peace with one another, hone their unique powers, learn about their fellow students and humans, and eventually enable themselves to live among the humans or learn to control their powers. The students travel through time and space to be able to attend the most prestigious academy in existence, and some of the species of students include; Youkai (demons), Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts, Oni, Fairies, Time Travelers, Aliens, Hybrids, Phantoms, and there are many others, of course!. There are two major rules at the academy that the students MUST obey: 1. You must never leave the premises except on supervised trips with a senior council member. 2. No contact must be made with the "outside", as communication may be picked up by the humans.

Gakuen Mugendai is an RP (role-play) forum loosely based on various manga/anime and games (Touhou, Gakuen Alice etc.) which are copyright to their respective owners~


What to do first! ~Let's go!~

First, register!
If you've already done that, then read that Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook!! Don't forget to look for the special treats in them either! (Though if you read chapter 1 (link) already like you should have done, then you'll know about the treats system!)
After you've read the handbook, PM either Cecilla (me!) or Kraatz with our special treats~! Remember when filling out your student/teacher application to put who you PMed, and don't even think about lying because me and Kraatz will know if you PMed us or not, because we have a list ;3

Now it's time to apply for the academy!!
Depending whether you're a potential student or teacher at the academy, you'll need to pick up the appropriate application form; students- clicky! teachers- clicky!. Make sure you use the template (students- coming soon~ teachers-coming soon~)!
Make sure you fill out your application at the application desk and not the approved applications area! If we are satisfied with how you have filled out your application, either me or Kraatz or Rowann (teachers only) will add the special approved stamp to your bio and we'll put it in the approved applications area! If we have any issues with your application, e.g. you've filled it out incorrectly, we'll PM you about it.
When you see your application has been approved, it's time to make your techniques!
Go to the Techniques and Powers area (students- clicky! teachers- clicky!), read the template, copy it, and fill it out~!
Me and Kraatz or Rowann will then look through it, and approve it unless we think you need to alter something.
Once your techniques and bio have been approved (and only then!) you can start RPing, yay!
Have lotsa fun, and if you need any help or have any questions, students should PM either Cecilla (me in case you forgot >w<Wink or Kraatz! Teachers should PM Rowann!


Your wonderful student council! ~Who's who?~

Meet the members of your student council, the elite students who run the academy, plan events and help out new students! We all work together to make the academy a happy place for the students living here!

Cecilla (link): The child genius of the student council and co-leader along with Kraatz! I help out with pretty much everything, so if you have any questions or need help with anything PM me, okies? I also help out with character applications and the day-to-day running of the academy, I'm the elementary division representative too! :3

Kraatz (link): An old experienced mind in a teen body. Vampires live a long time, enough time to learn even more and more again! Along with Cecilla, I help run the student Council and the rest of the academy. PM me with any problems, especially about the Senior division, which I am a representative of!

Rowann (link): A Young Witch with the mind of a wise "crone" (Crone = A very old Witch). I Have been placed in charge of the Teachers of the Academy, and also the Schedules for each Lesson/Teacher in each Division. I am also a Member of the Student Council So If you have any problems or quires about the teachers or the Lessons PM me, and all shall be relieved ^^

??? :

??? :

??? :

(to be finished soon~)

Treat for Cecilla/Kraatz: "Chocolate cheesecake"
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Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 2
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