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 Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 6

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PostSubject: Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 6   Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:21 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Student Handbook


Chapter 6: Rankings and Techniques Explained



As mentioned briefly in the fighting guide, there are different ranks of students here at the academy. The ranks are based on the points you earn at the academy, and your points total can be found under your post count. Here are ways of earning points:
- You get points for each post, however, please don't abuse this by spam posting, not only is it against the rules, but student council members will deduct points.
- Events and Tournaments are good ways to earn more points.
- When you attend a class, you get points.
- Student council members may award bonus points.

The ranks are:

No-Star: 0-500 points
Single Star: 500-1500 points
Double Star: 1500-3000 points
Triple Star: 3000-5000 points
Elite: 5000+ points

Everytime you get the points required to rank up, you must PM either Kraatz or Cecilla, or PM Rowann if you are a teacher, so we can change your rank etc.
Each rank comes with special benefits:

- You may have 10 technique points.
- You may choose 1 of the seven basic elements.
- You have the base stats for your species.

Single Star:
- You get two more technique points.
- Each of your stats is increased by 5 points.

Double Star:
- You get two more technique points.
- Each of your stats is increased by 5 points.

Triple Star:
- You get two more technique points.
- Each of your stats is increased by 10 points.

- You get four more technique points.
- Each of your stats is increased by 20 points.
- You may choose another element, therefore having a total of two elements in your control.



Techniques are attacks, special moves etc. that relate to your character's gift, weapon, species and element. For example; if you are a fox demon and control fire as your element, use a sword, and have the ability to heat things up, a technique could be a fireball attack. There is a template for the techniques, and you must use the technique template for each technique you use. This is what it looks like:
{insert name}'s Techniques!

Gift: {copy and paste this from your character bio (your gift and the explanation/limitations)}
Weapon: {as above}

(use the basic template for each technique)

Name: {Simply the name of the technique. Try and be creative!!!!!}
Description: {Describe the technique, what does it do? What circumstances can you use it?}
Advantages: {How does it give you the upper hand? Is it speedy? Powerful? minimum:1}
Disadvantages: {There is always a bad side... Does it leave you wide open to attack if you miss??? Does it make you weaker in the long run?? minimum: 2}
Conditions: {This is for the admins to fill in. It's basically how many posts between casts, or how many posts the effect lasts for etc.}

Here's an example of the finished technique part:

Name: Obsessor "Slash of the Eternity"
Description: A technique involving the use of a katana. It heavily slashes the opponent at lightning fast speeds.
Advantages: Extremely fast.
Disadvantages: Requires a lot of energy. Requires use of weapon.
Conditions: Can only be used when wielding a katana. Can only be used when you have high energy levels. Can only be cast once every 7 posts.

Please remember:
- You must wait for a student council member to add in the conditions of your technique. Please don't fill it in yourself.
- Include PLENTY of detail, this will make it easier for the student council members to add fair conditions.

Technique Points

At Mugendai, you don't get a certain number of techniques available to you, instead, you have technique points;

1 technique = 1 point

However, if your character undergoes any transformation, this is counted as a technique, therefore;

- If you are a Pureblood species, or Hybrid and you undergo a transformation, that transformation will cost 2 technique points per transformation.
- If you are a Therianthropic species, a transformation will cost you 1 transformation point per transformation.


These techniques enable you to become another being, whilst still being yourself. Any species is able to transform, though some are limited (see species and elements chapter).
When in a transformed state, you retain techniques you were able to use pre-transformation, but may also use new techniques if you have enough technique points to create new ones.
Each character may have up to 3 transformed states. Keep in mind that each transformed state has certain conditions that will be dicided upon by a student council member.

Treat for Cecilla/Kraatz: "Chocolate Cupcake"!
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Gakuen Mugendai Academy Handbook: Chapter 6
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