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 Technique Template!

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PostSubject: Technique Template!   Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:02 pm

Technique Template!

Before you fill these out you:
-Must have made your bio and have it approved.
-Must have read the section of the handbook about techniques, and the ranking system so you know how many techniques you are allowed.

You can fill this out the same as you did for your bio!
Topic title must be last name, first name e.g. Oishii-Besessenheit, Cecilla
Any questions- PM Cecilla or Kraatz

Technique Post Template:

[color=darkred][b][u][size=18]{insert name}'s Techniques![/size][/u][/b][/color]

[b][color=red]Gift:[/color][/b] {copy and paste this from your character bio (your gift and the explanation/limitations)}
[b][color=red]Weapon:[/color][/b] {as above}

[color=darkred][b][u][size=15]Techniques! [/size][/u][/b][/color]
(use the basic template for each technique)

[b][color=red]Name:[/color][/b] {Simply the name of the technique. Try and be creative!!!!!}
[b][color=red]Description:[/color][/b] {Describe the technique, what does it do? What circumstances can you use it?}
[b][color=red]Advantages:[/color][/b] {How does it give you the upper hand? Is it speedy? Powerful? minimum:1}
[b][color=red]Disadvantages:[/color][/b] {There is always a bad side... Does it leave you wide open to attack if you miss??? Does it make you weaker in the long run?? minimum: 2}
[b][color=red]Conditions:[/color][/b] {This is for the admins to fill in. It's basically how many posts between casts, or how many posts the effect lasts for etc.}
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Technique Template!
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