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 Aaron "Le Vautour" De Bouillon

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Le Vautour

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PostSubject: Aaron "Le Vautour" De Bouillon   Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:48 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Teacher Application


Because the sinfull often just lacks of education


Aaron De Bouillon
Life is a waste of time and love is the only thing which makes it tolerable

The Voice
The good one is only a liar

First Name: Aaron
Middle Name(s): Heinrich
Last Name: De Bouillon
Nickname(s): Le Vautour
Title(s): Deacon
Age: 21
Gender: male
Species: Hospital creature
Element: The Freeze
Occupation: Teacher, Opus Dei's agent
Homeland: Belgium, Wallonie


The Power
Knowledge is power, hide it well

Gift: Blood arts of Necromancy
Explanation... and limitation: Those kind of necromancers can't call back deads to life nor cast the plague on entire cities, they only can play with blood and flesh. Really discretes skills, he can drain other people's life to heal himself just by touching him or hurt himself to heal someone else. If he manages to focus enough, he'll temporarely manage to alterate the regeneration of his wounds in order to adapt the shape of the regenerated parts of his body to the situation. It only last about 10 minutes before turning back to normal.


The Fight
It's not the weapon which kills, it's the man behind it.

Weapon: barbed music wire
Explanation... and limitation: Nothing magic in it, it's just a discrete and really sadic weapon. You won't hurt a lot with it, but if you manage to grab any limb of your opponent with it, he mays well bleed to death.


The Mirror
After a thousands battles, one only sees death.

Physical Appearance: Aaron is a caucasian of 1m79 and 45kg. He's black haired, his hairs hiding the right half of his face and got a black goatee. His pale tuition is reinforced by a never smiling mouth and a sad entirely black eye marked by the red cross of the Hospital Order. He's almost always wearing a black ensemble from the shoes to the gloves, or a black long clerical agent's dress.


The Shadow
The personnality is mask carried so long that there's no face behind it anymore.

Personality: Aaron always seems to be a cold person from the distance, never smiling, always sad, but once you greet him, he'll carry a polite smile and will do his best for you to feel confortable as long as he isn't feeling you're wasting his time. However, he likes to drink... a little bit too much... and once he's drunk, he's tend to be much more open and sometimes even funny. Aaron tends to judge anyone on everything, and with him, you only have one chance. If someone it promoting any kind of intolerance, lack of politeness or just have bad taste, he may consider you as some kind of abhuman who hardly deserve to speak to him. If you can stay in the line, he may become a powerful ally, but don't hope a real respect from him, he only respects priests.
Pet Peeves: The main problem with Aaron comes from his ascendancy, any magic or unholy creature wil feel strange if they're too close to him, not really bad, but like if a superior being was watching them with indifference.


The Song
An open mind is like a guardless forteress.

Hobbies and interests: Aaron has no problem with being outside as long as there's no sun, he more enjoy the snowy wheaters. As sports, he enjoys the tennis and the ski but his 3 true passions are the books (he doesn't really like to read them but he love to collection old ones), the alcohol, and like any evil being, the nice clothes.
Likes: Aaron enjoys most academic diciplines and favorites the philology, philosophy, politic, History, theology and psychology.
Dislikes: He hates the football, the cars, the fanatics of any kind and the Freemasonry
Teaching Habits: Crual and cold, he prones order above all and if someone dares to cause any trouble, he'll have to endure many mean sentences. He'll always favors someone who respect their comrades even if they show less motivation in his lessons.


The Dream
If something deserves to be done, it deserves of us to die for it.

Dreams/Wishes: Aaron dreams of many things... to instaure a superior order to stop the wars and force everyone living easily to give to poors ; to see the USA under international mandate to force them reducing their pollution ; to see the atheism forbiden as the sect of the money and end their tentative to destroy the culture.
Goals in life (or death): His goal is only to be useful for the society in general and more precisely, for his kind and the pope.


The Lock
Carry the name of your ancestor and pay their errors with your blood.

Why do you want to be a teacher at the academy?: Burning witches was maybe fashionnable 1000 years ago, but now, the Catholic's mood is to tolerance and opening, and the Opus Dei is the main tool to make link between the greco-roman culture and others. As an agent of the Opus Dei, Aaron has been sent here to teach to the new magic creatures, through classical lessons, how to live by themself in the human world and avoid them to be hunted by the Vatican as well as sparing innocents' lives they may be tempted to destroy.
Family members: Aaron is a descendant of the proud lineage of Godefroid De Bouillon, leader of the first crusade, the only one which managed to instaure christian kingdoms in the middle east. He's the direct descendant of the "regenerator" Sirius De Bouillon and has 2 brothers, Jeremiah De Bouillon, a 208 years old Templar creature, ambassador of Vatican in the Millenium and Jean De Bouillon, a 134 years old Teutonic creature, officer of the anti-lutherism division.
Others: His mentor in the Opus Dei : Silvio el Modestia
History: Coming from the proud lineage of the De Bouillon, and son of a regenerator, Aaron was raised by her mother and the high circles of the catholic church. Forged and trained to serve and defend the catholics, since his 2 brothers were ever each one of a crusaders'order, Aaron was linked to the less aggressive one, the Hospitals. He learned the basis of biochimy linked to his order and followed the universitary cursus in philology and right of the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve), but the Opus Dei discovered some aspect of his personnality revealing rare skills of vampires'hunting : the blood arts of necromancy. This discipline consisted in immitating the unholy skills of the vampires by the use of battle drugs and genetical alteration in order to can face them in direct fight. Added the natural capacity of generation all Hospital creatures have, he soon became one of the favorite necromancers of the Vatican. But the war has never been a priority for the Hospital order, always ready to defend itself, it prefers to use their agents for more social activities. It's how, after receiving his diploma, Aaron was sent to the academy since he was one of the only allowed there due to his magical skills and his non-human nature.


The Sweet
Here's the purgatory, you shouldn't look for joy before to be dead.

Who did you give the treats to?: Cecilla (well I'll do it soon, the time to write it...)
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Student Council Leader


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PostSubject: Re: Aaron "Le Vautour" De Bouillon   Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:58 pm

Awesome profile!
Time to go make your techniques~ Very Happy
We'll let you know when we will have the meeting to discuss the lessons teachers will be teaching etc.
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Le Vautour

Posts : 34
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Age : 30
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron "Le Vautour" De Bouillon   Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:01 pm

Aaaargl... I forgot the techniques... a breack to do the avatar and I'll add them. For the teaching, I'm free tomorrow in the end of the afternoon and the evening, but not that late. You can tell me the list of lessons you want to see in the academy too and I'll tell you which one I can do with my IRL skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron "Le Vautour" De Bouillon   

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Aaron "Le Vautour" De Bouillon
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