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 Ichimaru, Rebecca

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PostSubject: Ichimaru, Rebecca   Sat Dec 12, 2009 3:56 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Student Application


Give me the power to cross the infinity border...



[sze=15]The Voice[/size]
~The title lies in... you.~

First Name: Rebecca
Middle Name(s): N/A
Last Name: Ichimaru
Nickname(s): Becca
Title(s): N/A
Age: Appears: 16 Actual: 160
Gender: Female
Species: Shinigami
Element: Windy
Homeland: The Soul Society


The Power
~My gift, ever shining, ever beautiful~

Gift: Kidō
Explanation... and limitation: Kidō is the technique that Shinigami use to focus their Spiritual Energy into magic spells of various powers. These spells serve a wide variety of uses such as healing, defense, or combat. Unlike other shinigami's Becca can't do a Kidō spell without using the chant which gives her a disadvantage. She knows her defense but only knows the basics in healing.


The Fight
~My tool... a part of myself, it gleams bewitchingly~

Weapon: A zanpaktou, Ryuunokaze.
Explanation... and limitation: Ryuunokaze appears like a normal zanpaktou except from the pink ribbon which is wrapped around the hilt. Can create and control up to 7 currents of wind with a maximum diameter of 2.5 feet. Can be used as a limited shield, wind missles, or sharpened and used as wind blades. Note, must always be connected to Ryuunokaze or they dissipate after 30 seconds. also they have a maximum length of 1500 feet (about half a mile)


The Mirror
~What do you see? Snow or sun?~

Physical Appearance: Becca is a small, slim built girl. Like her brother her eyes are a red colour and her hair which is a grey colour is usually tied back into a ponytail. She wears the standard uniform with a pink sash round her waist.


The Shadow
~Can you connect to me?~

Personality: Becca is a very hyper active girl always found eating candy. She tries to get on with anyone, one thing that stops her is her rude mouth. She'll tease someone for anything but not actually mean to hurt their feelings. But if shes told to do work she'll become bored and usually try to find a way out of doing it. Her temper will rise if she gets bored or tired.


The Song
~A wandering heart and the night of the morning moon~

Hobbies and interests: She loves to eat candy. She is very interested in music so has a big collection of CDs. When she becomes bored she'll usually try and find something to do or if worst comes she falls asleep.
Likes: Candy, music, loud noisy things, toys
Dislikes: Homework and bossy people


The Dream
~Even in the midst of flowing time, opression spins round and round~

Dreams/Wishes: Her dream is to be able to get her brother back to the Serieti
Goals in life (or death): Her main goal is to become a lieutenant another goal she has to do is to try and eat more snacks than the eleventh squad lieutenant Yachiru


The Lock
~The geneology of memories, until the very end of history~

Family members: Her mother and father are unknown, the only known member of her family is her brother, Gin Ichimaru
Others: One of her best friends is Matsumoto
History: For as long as she remembers she has lived with her brother Gin and has never seen her parents. After her brother became a lieutenant Becca had soon joined the tenth squad and later on became a third seated officer. As her brother left the Soul Society Becca soon felt lonely and decided to go somewhere to meet new people and also to learn new things.


The Sweet
~The brutal butterfly and the suffering vampire~

Who did you give the treats to?: Cecilla
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PostSubject: Re: Ichimaru, Rebecca   Sat Dec 12, 2009 4:10 pm

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Ichimaru, Rebecca
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