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 Lovenn, Rosetta Mia

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PostSubject: Lovenn, Rosetta Mia   Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:48 pm

Rosetta's Techniques!

Gift: “Nature’s Melody” - Rosetta has the power to grow, bring to live and control plants. Explanation... and limitation: She can grow any type and or species of plant (sometimes she uses species she bred herself but there are very few species and they require seeds) at an unnaturally fast speed, bring it to life and control it to do whatever she wants with movements of her hands that resemble conducting an orchestra(she can do the same with existing plants in a 25 metre radius either with coming in contact with the plant or “orchestrating” it like when raising plants that are not already there ) . However she needs soil and or any other plant-growing medium and most plants are defenceless to extreme heat, cold and darkness. Also every plant can be destroyed by her “Shears of Lovenn” or put in a “hibernating” state underground to be resurrected another time. Using this power can sadly be a bit exhausting and sometimes she loses control, when she loses control the plant goes on a growing, destructive rampage and feeds off her aura to grow and feed its rampage. That’s why she chose to come to the school (and to find people that can relate to her situation). [/font]
Weapon: “The Shears of Lovenn”. Explanation... and limitation: A pair of big gardening shears that look like a huge pair of scissors approximately 1.8 metres long. Made of pure gold and crafted by lunarian artisans with pictures of her family’s past are surprisingly light... They are however not every convenient for example when swinging from vine to vine or back flipping away from an attack and can be hard to move around. She uses them mainly for trimming plants when gardening but when fighting she keeps the open with their unbelievably sharp blades shown to intimidate enemies, she normally only holds one grip and uses the other to strangle enemies or hoop onto branches or vines. [/font]


Name: Sunflower Staccato
Description: Rosetta conducts, first making raising movements with her hands to make sunflowers grow out of the ground or any other plant-growing medium then Rosetta moves her hands in quick conducting motions backwards and forwards. That signals to the sunflowers to shoot mutated seeds (with sharper points and sharper edges than normal sunflower seeds) at over 100 miles an hour. She then moves her hand to the desired direction to change the direction of where the seeds are shot. When the seeds land on soil they grow into more “gun sunflowers” (what she calls them). She can make the seeds less sharp to consume and get back energy.
She uses this technique mainly in fights but if she chooses to change the seed’s colours, they can be used to look like fireworks that can be shaped into various pictures when shot.
Advantages: Very quick, very easy to control, it’s good as a long range weapon
Disadvantages: It leaves her open to short-range attacks, the flowers take up a lot of space.
Conditions: 2 post cooldown.

Name: Deadly Nightshade diminuendo
Description: One of her more sinister moves. She grows lots of deadly nightshade, then gathers the berries and finally crushes the berries to then be able to manipulate the poison juices. She only uses this technique in serious battles since the poisons are deadly to normal humans even if only a small amount is consumed but makes demons and other species quite ill for approximately a day. Only a small amount needs to be consumed, and the symptoms come 10 minutes after consumption: Dizziness, delusions then unconsciousness. After the unconsciousness subsides, the symptoms are less serious but bed rest is required to recover quicker. These symptoms are: tiredness, head ache, nausea and sometimes vomiting and or a fever.
Advantages: Good for keeping opponents from attacking, unlike most of her techniques it isn’t affected by fire-based or darkness-based techniques.
Disadvantages: It takes some time to gather enough berries for this technique, It’s only effective for a certain amount of time.
Conditions: 1 post casting time. Symptom duration; weaker opponents: 4 posts, stronger opponents: 3 posts.

Name: The Vine’s Vendetta
Description: A song associated technique where Rosetta sings a song called “The jungle’s melancholy” which makes vines rise from the ground, the vines vary by her mood when she’s singing: spiked if she’s feeling negative feelings such as sadness, anger etc and normal for positive feelings like confidence, happiness etc. It grabs whatever Rosetta wants and can wrap it in a constricting vine prison. She also uses this technique to swing from vine to vine which is quicker than running vines or, she uses the vines as a seat and make herself higher to see things in the distance but this technique can go out of control and sometimes results in mass-destruction.
Advantages: Helpful as transport, the vines are incredibly strong and fast
Disadvantages: At times very hard to control, it requires her to sing.
Conditions: Requires use of voice. Vines will last for 2 posts.

Name: Shear’s solo
Description: Rosetta doesn’t particularly like using her shears in battle but when she does, she shows great skill with the ancient but infamous weapon due to much practice. Rosetta closes her shears and raises them above her head and then opens them, releasing a special breed of light blue iris, the Lovenn family symbol. The iris then ties itself around Rosetta’s arm, securing the shears in her hand. She then slashes in straight lines at a high speed, making the shape of an iris flower.
Its used in mainly fights or gardening.
Advantages: It’s very fast. The technique is not affected by cold or heat.
Disadvantages: It requires “The Shears of Lovenn”, It’s very exhausting for her.
Conditions: Requires weapon. 1 post casting time.

Name: Lunaria Legato
Description: Rosetta grows an unnaturally-sized lunaria (an Earth originated plant, It’s name is probably meant to be associated it flat seed pods that look like the moon). Then the lunaria produces seed pods that swallow up her or whatever she wants and steadily heals it. The healing process erases pain and puts the patient in a state of pleasant feeling “light” and heals all wounds, physical and mental.
Advantages: It heals very efficiently.
Disadvantages: It heals slowly, it takes up a lot of space
Conditions: Takes up one post casting time. 3 post cooldown.

Name: Pollen Pizzicato
Description: Rosetta grows a variety of flowers that release lots of pollen that’s paralyzing. Rosetta then controls the density of the pollen, whether it’s spread out thinly over a maximum area of a 50 metre radius or a big stream of pollen that can move wherever she wants as long as it’s in her range of view (the range of view limitation only applies if the pollen is in the latter). If inhaled, the paralyzing affect will affect any being with a biological body but doesn’t affect Rosetta or any plants she grows. She also uses the pollen as a distraction for enemies.
Advantages: It’s quick, It’s easy to control, she can shroud herself in the pollen to make a hasty retreat.
Disadvantages: It affects allies in battle, It’s blown away easily by wind.
Conditions: Paralyses weaker enemies for 2 posts, and stronger enemies for 1 post. 2 post cooldown.

Name: Bad apple Bass
Description: This technique is one of her most powerful, so powerful it’s almost beyond nature. The target is transported to a space that’s everywhere but nowhere. In this “space” is vast white light that makes this space seem totally empty apart from a pitch black tree with pure white (positive) and pure dark (negative) apples growing on the branches in plentiful amounts, the target must decide which apple to pluck from the infinite tree and consume it. If the right apple is chosen, the target returns to the place from which they were originally taken from with Rosetta in a coma from the apples’ power which only the target can awake her from with a touch on the forehead, if the wrong apple is chosen the target returns like if they chose the right apple but Rosetta would be conscious and the target would be paralyzed and in serious pain. The target must be 100% biological (every species except cyborgs, cyborg hybrids or robots) or the technique is null and void.
Rosetta feels this technique is extremely risky and hard to control and if she loses control, the affects from both choosing the right or wrong apple could apply. So she normally uses it as one of her last resorts. Also each person has a different apple that is right for them (so for example one person might choose a positive apple which might be right for them but the next person might choose a positive apple for them as well and it could be wrong for them). Rosetta can go to this place as many times as she wants but everyone else can only go once but the consequences of Rosetta going to this place is exhaustion and the “space” blocks itself away from her in fight but allows targets to enter. Only one conscious is allowed in this “space” at a time.
Advantages: For the target it’s impossible to dodge, It isn’t vulnerable to fire, heat, cold or darkness.
Disadvantages: It’s unstable, It’s risky
Conditions: Can only be used once per fight. Opponents remain unconscious for 3 posts regardless of strength.

Name: Rose Rallentando
Description: Her most dangerous technique. Similar to the “vine vendetta” but instead of vines, Rosetta summons black roses with black vines and black thorns. These roses have more a mind and plan of their own than wishes to assist Rosetta.
Legend says that long ago, a berserk vampire/lunarian hybrid attacked the Lovenn household and the head at the time, imprisoned the berserk being’s soul in a nearby rose bush, the roses supposedly then withered and bloomed flowers as black as the being’s heart, the plant was spared but forced to be enslaved by each descendant of the Lovenn family for the rest of eternity for its horrible crimes.
The soul inside wishes to escape from the rose prison but since its previous body has decomposed; it awaits a new compatible body. Rosetta uses this technique only if she believes the fight is so serious her life or the lives of others is threatened. The roses feed off blood and/or aura and attack an opponent a lot more violently than “the vine vendetta” wishing to cause more harm than necessary and suck as much blood and aura as possible. If the plant is restrained by Rosetta from feeding of an opponent (which happens almost every time the plant is summoned), the plant turns on her, attacks her and gorges off her. When this happens she is powerless to do anything against the evil parasite needing help, she becomes paler than usual and weak. The plant emits a figure of the young man the being once was wearing a black tuxedo with a crimson tie, the figure has short, smooth back hair, a ghostly pale complexion and haunting crimson eyes. If left for too long the being returns, escaping from its rose prison but that has never happened.

Advantages: The roses are very powerful and fast.
Disadvantages: It’s hard to control, It causes a lot of harm to both the opponent and Rosetta.
Conditions: Can only be summoned once per fight.

Name: Venus Fly-trap Forte
Description: Rosetta summons large Venus fly traps that behave like sweet-natured dogs. The Venus fly-traps “play” with the opponent, playfully tossing them around like a dog with a rope or a ball. It shouldn’t cause serious harm to the opponent but they would be covered in plant slobber!
She also summons them when she feels lonely and needs company. They’re great companions, very obedient and easy to control due to their loving-nature. They love playing and Rosetta and their favourite food is flies.
Advantages: They’re loyal, they’re easy to control
Disadvantages: They aren’t very smart, they sometimes are a little too friendly.
Conditions: Can be summoned once per fight.
*Most Techniques are vulnerable to extreme heat, cold, fire and darkness unless notified otherwise
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PostSubject: Re: Lovenn, Rosetta Mia   Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:37 pm

You can add 5 more techniques if you wish~^^
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PostSubject: Re: Lovenn, Rosetta Mia   Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:46 pm

Thank you! that's very kind! flower
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PostSubject: Re: Lovenn, Rosetta Mia   Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:16 pm

You're welcomies x3
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PostSubject: Re: Lovenn, Rosetta Mia   

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Lovenn, Rosetta Mia
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