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 Dorm Info~

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PostSubject: Dorm Info~   Sun Dec 27, 2009 5:19 pm

Apartment Number: 9

Interior Description;
The wallpaper is an ice blue with a white snowflake pattern. The carpet is a plain white. The whole apartment is cold, and there is not one heater in any of the rooms. All the rooms have at least one window.

Bedroom: The walls are a calming blue with a wispy white cloud pattern. There is a big bed in the far corner of the room with smooth satin sheets. A big rectangular window is on one side of the room that gives a good view of outside. Curtains are able to be pulled over the window. A big wardrobe is on the other wall and is used to contain clothes and other valuables.
Azuumi's room has a computer on another corner and a big stereo next to her bed. A DJ turntable sits in the closet and she usually takes it out when she wants to mess around with it. Under her bed are a lot of manga, doujinshis, and art supplies.

Living Room: The most prominent feature in the living room is the big plasma TV installed on the blank wall. On the foot of the same wall are a line of game consoles. Next to the plasma is a big, tall bookshelf full of games for the different consoles. In one corner of the room is a smaller shelf with a few DVDs (most of them anime...). One wall has a wide window with curtains. In front of the TV is a plushy couch resting on a wide patterned rug.

Kitchen: This is a very plain kitchen with black marble tiles. Nothing special... except that if you look around most of the food is junk food...

Bathroom: Again, nothing special. Just a plain bathroom with a toilet, sink, mirror and bathtub/shower. A towel rack rests on the wall near the bathtub/shower.

Locks: Usually during winter the room is unlocked (Azuumi never bothers locking it because the room is freezing cold and nobody dares go in there in fear of freezing to death). But during summer (especially really hot days), Azuumi locks it, closes all the windows and pulls the curtains over them to prevent her room from heating up. (Also, she locks it really securely to prevent other students - and teachers - from breaking in, and taking refuge from the heat).

Roomates: None at the moment. Though, whoever can take and are comfortable with the ice cold temperatures are more than welcome. Anyone interested can decorate their room to their liking.
(Any heat-users: In the case that you're interested in rooming in this apartment, Azuumi is only letting ONE in to make sure the apartment stays nice and cold. The only rooms you can warm up is the kitchen - to an extent - and your room.)
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Dorm Info~
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