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 Welcome, Kraatz!

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Student Council Leader


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PostSubject: Welcome, Kraatz!   Sat Dec 26, 2009 6:09 am

Please fill out the following form and reply to this post with it, so we know how you would like your apartment to be;

Dorm Number: (anything between 1 & 100)

Interior Description;
Living Room:

Locks: (is your dorm locked all the time? is it always unlocked? please describe)
Roomates: (do you have any? if so, please put their username here)
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Student Council Leader


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PostSubject: Re: Welcome, Kraatz!   Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:19 am

Dorm Number: 27

Interior Description;
Bedroom: There are no windows here, and the walls are all painted a dark shade of red. This minimises the chance of light within the bedroom.Against one wall on top of what seems like an altar, lies a grand wooden coffin. Inside, the coffin is lined with red velvet. Kraatz had it costomised to contain a tv screen and a musice player, in case he grows bored but not tired. He also has a wardrobe full of his custom trainers and shirts, and also contains his cloaks, each lined with a different colour which he picks from depending on his mood. There is no mirror in his dorm.
Living Room: Against one wall there is a black leather sofa, with feet rests with unfold from underneath at the puch of a button. Across the room there is a large red velvet curten which can be pulled open using a rope above the sofa. Behind this is a reasonably large T.V, with built in dvd player. An Xbox 360 is also attached, but is dusty and has gone without use for some time. One corner of this room is used as a study, the desks are arranged in the shape of a pentagon, with a Pc on one of them. There are pots of different coloured paint, each off which a deep, dark shade. Inside this desk pentagon, on the floor, are inch deep engravements which resemble the pattern of a pentogram, but also has strange markings in the gaps.
Kitchen: The kitchen is rather empty, since Kraatz rarely eats. But he does have a fridge which contains vials upon vials of blood and a lot of sun resistant pills.
Bathroom: A very basic bathroom. Same as any other, with stylish black ceramic tiles! And of course... No mirror.

Locks: Always locked, Kaatz likes his privacy, but will rarely turn someone away if they knock and wait patiently.
Roomates: None
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Welcome, Kraatz!
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