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 Erizu, Azuumi

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PostSubject: Erizu, Azuumi   Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:03 pm

Azuumi's Techniques!

Gift: Frost Hide - Azuumi’s skin is always ice cold. The amount of frost depends on her current skin temperature.
Explanation... and limitation: Azuumi can control the temperature of her skin. The moisture around her comes into contact with her ice cold skin, almost instantly freezing, and creating frost. She can control the frost with her cryokinesis (ice manipulation; inherited by her fairy side). With the help of her phantom side (The air around phantoms are naturally cold), Azuumi is able to freeze the moisture around her easily, without touching the moisture with her skin.
But if Azuumi is exposed to strong heat sources (sunlight, heaters, fire, etc.) it takes longer to freeze moisture in the air, and the moisture usually evaporates too quick. Also, if Azuumi doesn’t drink regularly she may become dehydrated, which causes her control over ice to become difficult.

Weapon: N/A

(use the basic template for each technique)

Name: Schneesturm (Blizzard)
Description: Azuumi freezes the moisture around her to create snow (with bits of ice shards mixed into it). She then rotates the frozen particles around her rapidly, hiding her from view. The whirlwind of ice covers and protects her from the enemy. If the enemy attempts to reach her, s/he will be almost blinded by the amount of snow in the storm, and will get pelted by many small ice shards. Azuumi may even escape by using the Schneesturm as a distraction. The Schneesturm is mainly a defensive/evasion technique.
Advantages: Mainly a distraction, Azuumi can run and hide after, fast, can cause light damage and light frostbite.
Disadvantages: Needs control to pull off successfully, needs some time before Azuumi can pull it off again, usually leaves her vulnerable to attacks afterwards.
Conditions: Has a cooldown time of 3 posts.

Name: Eis-Scherbe (Ice shards)
Description: Azuumi manipulates the moisture around her to freeze and sharpen into many individual pieces, creating shards of ice. These sharp, ice pieces can be controlled to home straight at the enemy, like tiny missiles. The bigger the ice pieces, the stronger the damage. The Eis-Scherbe is an offensive technique, and is one of Azuumi’s main attacks.
Advantages: Very fast attack, can pierce through hard surfaces, can follow an enemy, can be used with a combination of different techniques (usually Schneesturm and Gletscher-Welle).
Disadvantages: Takes a considerable amount of control to pull off, the bigger the ice shards the less there are, melts while zooming in the air so it gets blunter the longer it follows the enemy..
Conditions: Ice shards will melt after 2 posts.

Name: Gletscher-Welle (Glacier Wave)
Description: Azuumi forces moisture in the air to gather in front of her feet. She then quickly swipes her hand upwards in a diagonal motion to force the moisture to spread in front of her. While she does that, the moisture freezes from the bottom up at the same time. This creates a wave-shaped barrier of ice that protects her from incoming attacks. The Gletscher-Welle is mainly a defensive move, but it can be used as an offensive in occasional cases. Additionally, Azuumi can add protruding spikes outside the shield for more protection.
Advantages: Strong defence against physical attacks, can also gather moisture in multiple positions around Azuumi to make more shields.
Disadvantages: The less moisture gathered the weaker the shield, takes concentration and requires Azuumi to stand still to gather moisture.
Conditions: Effects last for a maximum of 2 posts. Cannot attack directly after casting (because of concentration and no movement).

Name: Erfrierungen (Frostbite)
Description:Controlling the temperature of her skin, Azuumi makes it as cold as possible to ensure a successful frostbite. She then gets close enough to the enemy to touch them, giving them frostbite. The affected area (in this case, let’s say an arm) turns a dark grey and is covered with a thick layer of ice. Azuumi can also alter the technique by making the arm very numb, making it unable to be used. Erfrierungen is a strong offensive attack, and is Azuumi’s most used close-ranged attack.
Advantages: Handicaps the enemy, may cause them pain over time, strong offensive attack.
Disadvantages: Needs to be close-ranged and touching the enemy, leaves her vulnerable to an attack.
Conditions: Must have contact with opponent. Duration of effects; Weaker opponent; 3 posts Stronger enemy: 2 post. Cooldown time of 2 posts after the effects have gone.

Name: Kalte Explosion (roughly Cold Explosion)
Description: Azuumi gathers a sphere of moisture in the palm of her hand and tightly compresses it. She then encases it in a thin layer of ice and throws it at her enemy. Once the ball hits something and the thin ice membrane shatters, the compressed water ‘explodes’ and freezes, creating sharp ice shards that fly around in all directions. The ice shards are like needles. The kalte Explosion is an offensive move.
Advantages: Fast, hard to dodge once exploded.
Disadvantages: Limited range, most of the needles are thin and melt quickly.
Conditions: 1 post cooldown time.

Name: Kalten Kanonen (roughly Cold Cannon)
Description:Azuumi raises one of her arms and extends one of her cuffs with more ice, making a makeshift funnel. She then sucks moisture into the funnel, makes it very cold and compresses it. Aiming for the target, she forces all the compressed moisture out, pressurized cold water coming out of the funnel. Once it hits something, it immediately sticks and freezes to the surface. The kalten Kanonen is a strong offensive attack, but it does take time to charge.
Advantages: Very strong, can freeze enemies, long range.
Disadvantages: Slow to charge, can only go in a straight line, cannot use offensives for a while.
Conditions: Takes 1 post to charge. Cannot use offensive techniques for 2 posts after use.

Name: eisigen Faust (Icy Fist)
Description: Azuumi gathers moisture and extends one (or both) of her cuffs over her bicep(s) and fist(s). This covers her whole bicep(s) and fist(s) with a thick layer of ice. Once Azuumi throws a punch at her target it’s powerful enough to break bones. Azuumi can also add spikes to the fist, or turn the fist into a claw to be able to grip targets. The eisigen Faust is a very powerful, close-ranged move.
Advantages: Very powerful
Disadvantages: Slow, takes a lot of moisture, can’t keep it up for long.
Conditions: Effects of ice on limbs will be gone after 2 posts.

Name: Hypothermia
Description: Azuumi stares the enemy down and concentrates on his/her body temperature. She can lower their temperature to distract them and make them shiver uncontrollably. Depending on the temperature, the target can get symptoms like feeling dazed, shivering violently, and difficulty with fine and complex motor skills, speech problems, rigid muscles, blue skin, erratic heartbeat and unconsciousness. Hypothermia is one of Azuumi’s most useful skills, as it can incapacitate the enemy over time.
Advantages: Easy to use, takes little energy (depending on the target’s size), the smaller the enemy the quicker it acts.
Disadvantages: Doesn’t work on enemies with any physical being (e.g. A Phantom) or blood flow inside their bodies, requires her focus on the target at all times, takes some time before some symptoms even appear.
Conditions: Will not affect those with no physical body or blood. Takes 1 post to cast, and 1 to take effect. If an opponent sucessfully attacks while she is charging the attack, she will lost focus and have to recast. Duration of effects: weaker opponents: 3 posts minimum, stronger opponents: 2 posts minimum.

Name: Phase
Description: A skill inherited from her Phantom father. Azuumi can walk through walls easily and it takes only a little bit of energy. Great for dodging incoming attacks and running away. Works well with Gletscher-Welle and Schneesturm for a quick getaway. But Azuumi just usually uses this skill for sneaky pranks.
Advantages: Can be used in almost any situation even outside battle, great for quick getaways.
Disadvantages: Thick barriers are difficult to go through and require more energy, somehow Azuumi cannot phase through some types of substances (like metal), cannot phase through heat (either it be heat sources like fire, or heated barriers like granite walls exposed to the sunlight).
Conditions: N/A

**Almost all the ice skills are vulnerable to heat, unfortunately.
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PostSubject: Re: Erizu, Azuumi   Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:11 am

Awesome techs^^
Approved! ^o^
You can start RPing now, though I would recommend getting a bank account and dorm sorted as soon as you can :3
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Erizu, Azuumi
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