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 Rekna Todomore

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Rekna Todomore

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PostSubject: Rekna Todomore   Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:56 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Student Application


Give me the power to cross the infinity border...


{embed a picture of your character here}

The Voice
~The title lies in... you.~

First Name: Rekna
Middle Name(s): N/A
Last Name: Todomore
Title(s): N/A
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Therianthrope; Human/Oni
Element: "The Firey"
Homeland: Mount Hiei


The Power
~My gift, ever shining, ever beautiful~

Gift: I have the power to transform into an Oni
Explanation... and limitation: It is a gift and a curse because I cannot control my transformation therefore people could be at risk, luckily I can FEEL when i'm starting to transform, so can therefore avoid a major scene. The plus to this is when I do transform my physical abilities increase tenfold, the minus to this is I, myself go into a sub-conscious state and so cannot control my body... I came to the school to learn how to control the transformation and my body whilst in my Oni form.


The Fight
~My tool... a part of myself, it gleams bewitchingly~

Weapon: N/A
Explanation... and limitation: N/A


The Mirror
~What do you see? Snow or sun?~

Physical Appearance: Height 5"7, Weight 12st; Build, toned; Complexion; smooth and pale; Hair, black with red tips; Eyes, dark green with crystal blue.


The Shadow
~Can you connect to me?~

Personality: I'm very energetic and kind when around friends, around others i am kind, I can be easily agitated when it comes to friends getting hurt by others physically or verbally. I will normally walk away from conflict but if invovles friends I will defend them.


The Song
~A wandering heart and the night of the morning moon~

Hobbies and interests: I love being outdoors when i'm hanging out with friends, but when I'm alone I turn into a game nerd and become a hermit.
Likes: hanging out with friends, playing video games and watching movies
Dislikes: Bullying, Betrayal and distrust


The Dream
~Even in the midst of flowing time, oppression spins round and round~

Dreams/Wishes: My dream is to feel comfortable and secure, not transform here, there and everywhere
Goals in life (or death): My goal is to control my transformation.


The Lock
~The geneology of memories, until the very end of history~

Family members: I have both my parents who are both as obsessed with making money out of me, they party all night sleep all day... and I'M the one with a JOB! I care for them a lot and they have had their sincere moments and given great advice to me over the years... but I wish they would be the same parents I once knew as a child... my grandparents live in England so it is VERY difficult to see them. and the rest of my relatives don't even bother to visit or interact with us at all.
Others: N/A
History: A few months after my birth I was brought to Mount Hiei which had rumors of giving great physical strength to children of a few months on one specific day.. since I was weak from birth they and only had a few more months to live... they decided to bring me to the mountain they were warned not to go by the monks of Enryaku-ji, a monastery on Mount Hiei for there was a apparently an Oni living at the base of the mountain... they decided to go anyway, they soon realised their mistake when they saw the Oni walking towards them. they were frozen in fear. I did not cry, and as it approached it said this. "you have brought this child to me for a purpose, correct?". they replied with a frightful "...yes" the Oni replied "then the blessing... will be done!" it bellowed.. my parents cried out in utter fear. I did not flinch the Oni noticed this and said "you're son is special, he does not flinch at the very sight of me... there is not a single trace of fear within his heart. then, I shall bestow upon a gift! a gift... of strength!" suddenly a flame engulfs me and pulls me into the Oni's arms, he placed a mark upon my shoulder. Then vanished, I nor my parents ever saw him again. The, "Blessing" kicked in straight away, I grew only a little, but my parents knew I had grown, I looked healthier, stronger than I was... at first they did not understand, they probably never have... we moved in with the monks of Enryaku-ji and lived peacefully within the mountains, of course I still went to school and that is where the transformation started when I was 10 years old, my friend was getting bullied, I felt my anger grow, more and more... It felt painful... like my anger was literally tearing me apart, then "it" happened... I blanked, the next thing I saw I will never forget... badly beating bodies lined the floor, my friend... cowering in fear... I did not know until later that at the point I felt like I was about to burst was when I transformed into what they would call a monster. I was moved a lot... 10 years later, I got a degree in humanaties and sociology... soon after I received a letter, written in perfect japanese, it said "you been accepted into Gakuen Mugendai, Infinity Academy..." I never applied there but felt drawn to it... it promised that it would benefit me in many ways... so I decided to send my own application form to them.


The Sweet
~The brutal butterfly and the suffering vampire~

Who did you give the treats to?: I gave them to Kraatz {a.k.a, who did you PM with the hidden treats?}

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PostSubject: Re: Rekna Todomore   Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:26 pm

Oh noes... it appears we have a slight hiccup... (or a few..)
~ Your topic is titled incorrectly.
~ No picture?
~ Please redo your appearance section, be DESCRIPTIVE, there is nowhere near enough info here..
~ Same goes for the personality.
~ Your dreams express wishing to educate others so they can live in the human world, and yet your application is a students' application?
~ There is nothing written in the "goals" section.
~ There are a lot of "..." in your history; it makes it hard to read. Please only use elipses where appropriate.
~ Who did you give the treats to? (if you read the all the rules, you would be able to fill this out...)

Sorry, but your application won't be approved until changes are made. Thankies~ ^^
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Rekna Todomore
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