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 Fairy's Dream Fantasy House~!

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PostSubject: Fairy's Dream Fantasy House~!   Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:12 am

Fairy's Dream Fantasy House~!

Owned by Cecilla~!

Fairy's Dream Fantasy House is now recruiting!
The following positions are open;

Maids (preferably female, males must crossdress- this is a maid cafe after all!)
Butlers (preferably male, females must crossdress- this is a butler cafe after all!)

All staff must be enthusiastic, cheerful, elegant and happy! They must also be willing to do all of the things required of them and must be talkative! Work uniforms are provided, and there are regular breaks. There will be pay bonuses for hard workers!

We will be recruiting for other positions as other parts of Fairy's Dream open!
You may be asked to attend an interview once you apply!
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Fairy's Dream Fantasy House~!
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