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 Welcome to Fairy's Dream Maid Cafe & Restaurant!♥

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PostSubject: Welcome to Fairy's Dream Maid Cafe & Restaurant!♥   Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:18 pm

Welcome to Fairy's Dream Maid Cafe & Restaurant!
♥~We hope you enjoy your visit~♥

Here at Fairy's House Maid Cafe & Restaurant, you will be welcomed home into a warm, colourful and sweet atmoshpere! The maids working here are always happy to see you, and will make your visit home wonderful and enjoyable! At the entrance, you will be warmly welcomed and addressed as "Master", or "Mistress". A maid will then take you to your table! There are many options of what you can do at here which will be covered in detail in the Menu & Price List!♥️

Here are just a few of the things you can do:
~ Spend time with a maid♥️
~ Eat a delicious meal with a maid, your friends, or both!♥️
~ Play a game with a maid♥️
~ Join in with fun events that are held here♥️
~ Have your photo taken with a maid♥️
There are many more options!♥️ Some maids also provide special services!♥️

Here are some rules you must follow whilst in the cafe:
~ Please wait patiently and quietly in line if there is a queue♥️
~ Please wait for a maid to bring you to your table♥️
~ Please do not touch the maids in any way; that means no handshakes, no hugs etc. However, some maids provide special sevices like handshakes and hugs for an extra cost.
~ Please do not take photos of the maids or maid cafe without permission.

We politely ask you to follow the simple rules so that everyone may have an enjoyable time!♥️
Anyone found not following the rules will be repoted accordingly.

*~Please note that there is an entry fee of £1 which includes a drink. The maid will ask you to pay once you have been seated.

♥️Please join us for a fun, relaxing and enjoyable time!♥️
♥️The maids await your company!♥️
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Welcome to Fairy's Dream Maid Cafe & Restaurant!♥
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