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 Setting Up A Shop

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PostSubject: Setting Up A Shop   Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:18 am

For Entrepeneurs!

If working for another shop doesn't really take your fancy here, you can just make your own shop! And it doesn't have to be a shop either; it could be a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, or anything! Being original will probably win you more customers! Shops may be set up in the shopping mall, undergound, the theme park, and in the town!

Everyone starts out with £25 at Mugendai, and opening your own shop costs £18. You can earn the money back very quickly just by selling goods or services at your shop! Just send this template to Cecilla or Kraatz!

Shop Build Template:

Shop Name:
Shop Description: (cafe? shop? restaurant? etc.)
Shop Location: (undergound, the shopping mall, the theme park, or central town)
Interior Description: (what is it like on the inside?)
Exterior Description: (what is it like on the outside?)
Opening Hours: (please put in GMT)

Please bear in mind that you will need to post a list of items you are selling and their prices when then shop is opened. It's always good to have a banner, too! Good presentation will keep the customer interested!

Here's how you can earn the money back!:

A hungry customer comes in wanting to buy... 3 cookies, a muffin and a slice of cake. The current employee in the shop serves them and in total, everything comes to £10. The employee would get £5 from the sale, and the shop owner would get £5!

Whenever a customer makes a purchase, they must fill in a receipt at the end!

Here is what the receipt looks like:

Customer Name: (username (preferably) or character name)
Employee Name: (the employee who served you)
Store Name:
Store Owner:
Item(s) Bought:
Total Cost:

Just copy and paste it, fill it out, post it when you've made your purchase, and then PM it to Cecilla so she can make the necessary adjustments to people's bank accounts!^^

Shop Rules:
- You must have a bank account, otherwise you can't purchase anything.
- Shops must not sell anything inappropriate.
- Shop owners are responsible for what happens with their shops.
- Shops will be subject to taxes and inspections (more info below)
- You must post on your shop whether it is open or closed.

Inspection Time!

Almost every week, either Cecilla, Kraatz, Rowann or Jason will pay a surprise visit to you whilst you're on the job! Don't worry though- we won't give you a job inspection if you're not active online, we're not unfair like that.
If you're working when you see one of us come visit, just treat us like a regular customer! We will not be deliberately awkward/indecisive etc. to give you a hard time.

So, how do you pass an inspection?
Once we arrive at the shop and have asked to order/buy something etc. We will expect an employee or store owner to be with us within 15 minutes! If you make that time, then it will almost surely be a pass! However, we will be judging politeness and quality of service too~ If we are satisfied, we will tell you whether you pass or not, and move on to another establishment^^

You will fail if:
- We have waited over 15 minutes, and we can see that you are definitely active on the chatbox or an RP. We will expect a very believable excuse if you are not within the time limit.
- We find you are impolite towards us.

When you get 3 passes, you will get a raise! This means everytime Cecilla gets sent a receipt with your name as the employee on, aswell as being paid half the total amount of the sale, you will get a bonus pay!
A bonus £3 for every 3 passes, to be exact!

Getting one fail on your record won't be the end of the world, but if you have 3 fails on your record, we will fire you from that job, and you will have to find a new job. Please bear in mind you won't be able to return to work at that shop, either.

Surprise inspections are a surprise! We won't be telling you beforehand if we're paying you a visit^^

Rowann, Cecilla, Kraatz and Jason have every right to pass or fail you at your job, so make sure you're a good employee and not a Squidward!


Every month, on the 9th, Cecilla will collect a £6 tax from the owner of each shop. This gets put into the Mugendai Academy School fund! This is used for events, new buildings etc. (More info on the school notice board). Make sure you have enough money to pay the tax!

emember, this is all using the virtual money here~! Not real money, of course!
If you have any questions, feel free to post them here! No spam, though!
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Setting Up A Shop
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