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 Welcome, Rowann!

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PostSubject: Welcome, Rowann!   Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:49 am

Please fill out the following form and reply to this post with it, so we know how you would like your apartment to be;

Apartment Number: (anything between 1 & 100)

Interior Description;
Living Room:

Locks: (is your apartment locked all the time? is it always unlocked? please describe)
Roomates: (do you have any? if so, please put their username here)
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome, Rowann!   Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:54 pm

Apartment Number: 10

Interior Description; Every wall in the Apartment has a Warm/Dark colour on it, the floors match the tones of the room

Bedroom: A Deep Midnight Blue coloured walls, with a Light Morning Blue carpet. There is a Large Bed in the Dead Center of the back wall, covered in a Light, pastel coloured quilt, with fluffy/plump pillows, the Head board has a very eccentric Celtic Design, with the Redfern Crest in the center. Next to each side of the bed there is a Small, Maple Wood, Night stand, which has a small lamp and a cordless phone on it.
There is a Large Bookshelf, just behind the door, with a large range of different books, and ornaments on it, as well as a writing/drawing desk with lots of Art Equipment dotted around it. There is a Large Oak closet, which hold most of my Gowns and skirts, and a Set of Drawers to hold my Shirts and other things.

Living Room: The Walls are a Very Light/Icy Blue colour, with wooden Floor boards, there is a couple of Large Teal Rugs dotted around the room.
Near the Door there is another Maple Wood, stand which also has a Cordless phone, and lamp on it, There is a 3-Seated White Leather Reclining Sofa, in the middle of the room, with a White Leather Reclining Armchair next to it on a 90 Degree angle, there is a Glass Coffee Table in front of both seats, which has a Celtic Wire pattern. On the other side of the door, there is a Metal Coat and shoe rack, which is rarely empty due to the amount of visitors I receive. Against the back away opposite the Windows, there is a large fireplace, made of (again) Maple Wood, with fruits carved around the edges. The Windows are Bordered by Thin Teal Curtains in the Spring and Summer, but in the Autumn and Winter they are covered with Thick Teal Drapes, to keep the heat in

Study: The Parts of the Walls that can be seen (Which is around the door way and windows) are a warm Firey Red, The floor is carpeted in a light Yellow/Orange.
The walls of the Study are lined with Ceiling to Floor Bookshelves, containing various Books, From Magic books and Lesson plans, to reading material that I read in my spare time (All in Alphabetical Order of Course, and into work and fun) In the Center of the Room, there is a Large oak Desk, which has a hidden Locked draw, where I keep the various keys to rooms of the Building, Also on the Desk there is a State-of-the-art Computer, with all the newest software installed on it. Behind the Desk there is a High-backed, leather, swivel chair.

Kitchen/Dining Room: In the Kitchen, the Walls just above the counters are tiled in a white/blue pattern, then painted in a Very light, Icy Blue, The Floor is covered with Dark Blue tiles. The counters are granite, with Oak cupboards above and below the work top. There is a Small Island in the middle of the Kitchen. Just behind the Island there is a Small section for Moonlight's Food and water, he also has his bed here but he rarely uses it. There is also a Large collection of Different Herbs and Spices to be found around the Kitchen. In the Dining Room, the walls are also a Very light, Icy Blue colouring, however the Floor is dark blue Carpet, instead of Tiles. There is a Large Oak Table, which seats about 5-6 people. There is a Small cabinet next to the Door, which holds the Place mats and glasses.

Bathroom: The walls are Tiled half-way in different shades of red and purple, in a Mosaic type of layout, the Floor is tiled in a Dark Purple, Over the Sink there is a large Mirror, which opens to reveal a set of shelves behind it, the Bath is behind a Japanese designed Screen, with a Metal Chair next to it for clothes. There is a Large Wicker Basket for dirty Clothes next to the door, the Bathroom door DOES have a lock on it.

Locks: Most of the Time, my apartment is unlocked, meaning that anyone can come in (After they have knocked of course), However, when my Door is locked, it means that that I'm working on something very important, which means, I can only be disturbed if it's a dire emergency (Some-one's dying, a massive fight has broken out, the school's on fire .. that sort of thing)
Room-mates: I do not have any Room-mates, however, I do have my beloved pet Cat called Moonlight.
Moonlight has a habit of sleeping in my bed, as if he is like another person in the world.

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Welcome, Rowann!
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