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 Redfern, Rowann

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PostSubject: Redfern, Rowann   Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:58 pm

Gakuen Mugendai Teacher Application


Give me the power to cross the infinity border...


Ms. Rowann Redfern
“I will put the lives of my Students first … before I look after my own”

The Voice
~The title lies in... you.~

First Name: Rowann
Middle Name(s): N/A
Last Name: Redfern
Nickname(s): Row, Rowy, Onee-Chan (By Cecilla)
Title(s): N/A
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Element: Ice
Occupation: Head Mistress of Gakuen Mugendai
Homeland: England, United Kingdom


The Power
~My gift, ever shining, ever beautiful~

Gift: Manipulation of Ice and Natural Talent for Magic
Explanation... and limitation: I can freeze Water into Ice (But I am unable to control the Water, in it’s liquid form). From there I can create whatever shape I wish it to take on (A tiny bit like Water can) I can use it to bind my attacker/captive until they relent. The hold over the Ice can only last up to a day and half.


The Fight
~My tool... a part of myself, it gleams bewitchingly~

Weapon: Magical Dagger
Explanation... and limitation: This can produce any type of Magic that I have actually learnt through my time inside and outside of the Academy. With the Dagger not only can I use it for Hand-to-Hand Combat, but I can also use it to heal a person who is dangerously close to death … but this is only for extreme emergencies/situations


The Mirror
~What do you see? Snow or sun?~

Physical Appearance: I am approximately 195cm tall, with a very noticeable Curvy build. My Hair is rather long, and of a light Purple colour. My Eyes are a Light Bluey-Green colour (All of the Women Descendants in my family have this colour). My Choice of Clothing usually consists of a Light/Dark Purple Corset and Skirt Combination or a Long Flowing dress (The dress is only used for a Special Day or Event). I wear a Small Tiara to show my "Nobility" In the Witch Community. I have 3 tattoos situated on my back; my left arm and my stomach… Wings on my Shoulder blades; A small set of Stars on my Left Arm (this is my limiter) and a Celtic design on my stomach giving my mark of Heritage.


The Shadow
~Can you connect to me?~

Personality: I am not like most witches. Most of them use spells and Magic to win a Battle, but I use Both Magic and my own personal Skills in 1-on-1/hand-to-hand combat. I am Usually Very calm but when a Friend or Family member is in trouble I will do everything in my power to save them … When I’m just teaching or talking to others, I am quite friendly and easy-going, but if someone upsets me, I’ll be moody and a tiny bit unsociable towards that particular person. I am not easily agitated it takes a lot to bring down my walls … This is the usual witch trade of personality.
Pet Peeves: I have a tendency to make the room colder than it may seem, but this only happens when I am worried for some ones health/life. I also have this annoying habit of tapping my fingers on a desk when I’m frustrated.


The Song
~A wandering heart and the night of the morning moon~

Hobbies and interests: I have a tendency to stay inside quite a lot, but I do go outdoors quite a lot. When I am outside I do like to play a bit of Football with the students, but this only happens on event days. I hardly ever get bored, this is because of the large collection of books I own (Not just spell books I might add :3)
Likes: I love to practice my magic (most of the time) Reading, Writing and I also have a creative side, which means I draw a lot.
Dislikes: I dislike People who think that they are better than me, just because they know something I don’t … they may think that they know everything but they don’t … no Soul knows everything.
Teaching Habits: I like to know who I’m teaching, and whether they are kind or horrible, I will not Tolerate bullying in my classes. Apart from that I am very relaxed and will allow the students do get on with their studies and ask for help when they need it.


The Dream
~Even in the midst of flowing time, oppression spins round and round~

Dreams/Wishes: I hope for Peace in the Community of the Academy and also hope that someday the students will get on with the outside world and live in Peace and Harmony
Goals in life (or death): I want to achieve total respect from my staff and students, and also teach them the finer things in life


The Lock
~The geneology of memories, until the very end of history~

Why do you want to be a teacher at the academy?: I want to give the Students a chance in this world and Teach them that not everything is as Black and White as you see in the Text-Books
Family members: I have no Parents (They died very young when they were murdered because of their Magical Heritage) I do have what I consider a Younger Sibling called Cecilla Oishii-Besessenheit. My Husband died 5 Years ago he was a Witch like me, and when we were discovered, he gave his life in order to save mine and for that I am Eternally Grateful.
Others: Cecilla (“Little Sister”) and Kraatz (My Random Friend)
History: Rowann was Born on the 7th Full Moon of the Year (Otherwise known as 18th August) To Lady and Lord Redfern. Rowann was born as a natural Witch with the control over the Element: Ice. This worried many of the other clans, as it was said that “If a True Redfern Heir was to ever Inherit the Power over Ice, then the 4 Great Clans would perish along with the Child in question” Fortunately for the Clans this Prophecy was not true at all.
As Rowann grow up she learnt to control her powers (Without freezing everyone) and slowly grew stronger by the day. Along with her Magic Lessons she learnt Hand-to-Hand Combat encase she was ever faced with a situation where she could not tap into her Powers, which would mean the falling of the last Female Witch for the Redfern Clan. On Rowann’s 8th Birthday, Non-believers of Magic raided her home, Her Parents entrusted her with The Ameeal Clan to finish her Up-Bringing, and this Family had a Son called Ash Ameeal who was 10 years old. Rowann took an interest in him and soon they were inseparable.
After a Few Years when Rowann had turned 14, the News of her Parents Deaths soon reached the Ameeals’ Household, Lord and Lady Redfern had been captured and killed after integration and they signing a confession of Witchcraft which was something no person (Witch or Not) wanted to do, luckily for Rowann they did not give away the fact that they had only one Living Heir to their family Fortune, which landed in the hands of Rowann.
In her Parents will the Ameeals were given Permission to allow Rowann to Marry a Man of her Choice, in which she chose Ash. After Rowann’s 18th Birthday, she and Ash were married in a Privet Ceremony so not to attract attention of the Local Authorities. After 5 years of Marriage, Rowann and Ash were discovered, their so called “Friend” had told the Police that they were Practicing Magic. They had swapped this information in order to save their own lives. As the Police Raided their home, they tried to escape only to be cornered by their “Friend” Selene. She pointed a Gun at Rowann Threatening to shot, when she pulled the trigger, Rowann’s magic was unable to manifest in order to save her, but she lived as her Husband took the shot for her. After getting over the shock, of her Husband’s death. Rowann Froze Selene in an Ice Prison which was sure to last for over 100 Years. After much begging and pleading from Ash’s part, she finally left him and escaped. To this day she’ll never forget what Ash did for her. She wears a Locket with Ash’s and Her parents’ pictures in it as a reminder of them and how they saved her.
Rowann was kneeling by her Late-Husband’s Grave when she felt a strong Life-Force behind her, Rowann immediately sensed that she wasn’t a Normal Human, but in fact a Fairy. Rowann began talking to her and found out her name was Cecilla, and that she had another side called Remilla. Rowann Listened to the rest of the story, and being Very Intellectual was able to understand fairy-language and also speak it. Rowann considered everything Cecilla had told her and thought of the perfect place where she could live in Peace.
"I know a place, Cecilla... A place where non-humans who have come to Earth can reside in safety and can learn to live among the humans... It's called "Gakuen Mugendai", and I'm a teacher there. I would be honoured if you would accompany me there. I've just come here today to visit the grave of my husband who sadly passed away. He was a witch like me." Rowann waited for her answer, trusting her senses she knew that it would be a good result.
"Miss Rowann... I would love to go with you! Remilla says she wants to go too!!"
"Then we'll go" Rowann smiled at Cecilla, she knew that Cecilla would get on well at the Academy.
From then on, Cecilla attended Gakuen Mugendai along with Remilla to learn to control their new powers under the watchful eye of Rowann.
Rowann also personally taught Cecilla and Remilla how to speak English, and other languages that they would defiantly need at the academy and also how to control their transformations and their powers.
After time Rowann started to see Cecilla/Remilla as younger siblings to her.


The Sweet
~The brutal butterfly and the suffering vampire~

Who did you give the treats to?: Cecilla

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PostSubject: Re: Redfern, Rowann   Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:22 am

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Redfern, Rowann
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