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 Hattenveer, Kraatz

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PostSubject: Hattenveer, Kraatz   Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:19 am

[color:3c52=dark blue] Gakuen Mugendai Student Application


Give me the power to cross the infinity border...


[center]{embed a picture of your character here}

The Voice
~The title lies in... you.~

First Name: Kraatz
Middle Name(s): N/A
Last Name: Hattenveer
Nickname(s): None
Title(s): None
Age: Appearance: 17 Actual: 214
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Element: Darkness
Homeland: England, London


The Power
~My gift, ever shining, ever beautiful~

Gift: Kraatz constantly has this dark aura or Dark Matter as he calls it. It follows him everywhere through the air and on the ground and walls. He usually keeps it disguised as his shadow whilst out of battle.
Explanation... and limitation: Will be touched on more in the techniques, but generally evaporates when in contact with light.


The Fight
~My tool... a part of myself, it gleams bewitchingly~
Weapon: A blade even older than Kraatz hmself. It gleams with a sort of dark energy, probably the same type that follows Kraatz around. It was finely forged with the darkest of black steel.
Explanation... and limitation: A normal sword, but can control the dark matter just as Kraatz does. The blade is extremely sharp, and can sharpen the dark matter aswell.


The Mirror
~What do you see? Snow or sun?~
Physical Appearance:Humanoid in appearance, but is of course a vampire. As all Vampires do, he has fangs, and his nails are longer than a humans, and tougher. He looks rather weak and slim, but is far stronger and faster than the average human. Has short, wavy, chestnut coloured hair. Has very pale skin and red eyes. His clothes consist of a T-shirt and jeans, but respects his ancestors by wearing a black cape, with red lining on the inside. This hides and covers his blood red wings. He also wears converse trainers.


The Shadow
~Can you connect to me?~
Personality: Usually glum and solomn. But gets more excited and active when interested by someone or a fight.


The Song
~A wandering heart and the night of the morning moon~
Hobbies and interests: Stays indoors during the day and only leaves at night due to his vampirism. He does sometimes take pills to go out into the light.
Likes: Darkness, cake and blood. And dark chocolate cake with a bloody filling.
Dislikes: The light. Outdoors. Sports.


The Dream
~Even in the midst of flowing time, opression spins round and round~
Dreams/Wishes: To get the skills he needs to out-survive others. Currently persuing a meaning in his abilities.
Goals in life (or death): To graduate from the acadamy with enhanced knowledge of what he is and how he can more easily control his powers. And also the workings of the world.


The Lock
~The geneology of memories, until the very end of history~
Family members: Can't remember anyone. Was orphaned as a child. So grew up with humans.
Others: Cecilla. His best friend.
History: Was a child growing up in england, London in and throughout Victorian times and also saw the death and births of many rulers. His parents were eventually secretly executed when their secret was out. With their last moments they threw him into the river Thames. Somehow he was found and saved somewhere on the other side of London. His new parents raised him as a human child, not knowing what he was. The lack of blood finally got to him one day and he brutally slaughtered his parents, and subsequently drained them dry. By this time his body looked to be in its teens, and he decided to travel around the world. Years later, he managed to arrive at the acadamy. By this time, he had learned about the world and about what he is, which is essentially a vampire, this especially intreagued him. He decided to learn to perfect his powers and learn to use his dark powers at the acadamy.


The Sweet
~The brutal butterfly and the suffering vampire~
Who did you give the treats to?: Cecilla

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PostSubject: Re: Hattenveer, Kraatz   Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:20 am

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Hattenveer, Kraatz
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